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Welcome to the official Kansas Plant & Seed Dealer Lookup portal. As part of our commitment to public protection and business transparency, this tool serves as a central repository for authorized live plant and seed dealers operating within our jurisdiction.

Utilizing this form ensures that you are accessing state-verified information about dealers, thus promoting fair and transparent business practices. This is essential to safeguard public interests, ensure the reliability of trade, and foster an environment where both businesses and consumers thrive.

Your trust is paramount. Use this tool with confidence, knowing that you are interacting with businesses that adhere to our state's rigorous standards and regulations. For additional information or inquiries, please contact the appropriate state department.

Live Plant Dealers

“Live plant dealer” means any person, unless excluded by rules and regulations adopted hereunder, who engages in business in the following manner:

  1. Grows live plants for sale or distribution;
  2. buys or obtains live plants for the purpose of reselling or reshipping within this state; or
  3. plants, transplants or moves live plants from place to place within the state with the intent to plant such live plants for others and receives compensation for the live plants, for the planting of such live plants or for both live plants and plantings.

Seed Dealers - Agricultural Seed Program

The Kansas state seed program regulates agricultural seed which includes grass, legume, forage, cereal, fiber crops, oil seed, food plot seed and any cannabis sativa crop. Vegetable, fruit, flower, tree and shrub seeds are considered horticultural seeds and are not regulated in Kansas.

The requirements within the Kansas Seed Law (K.S.A.  2-14-15 et.seq.) are there to benefit the producers, dealers and consumers by requiring the seed to be tested and labeled before it is offered for sale. 

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