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Pesticide Dealer Registration

A pesticide dealer is any person or business who sells one or more pesticide products to someone for application (i.e., retails to end users). A licensed pesticide business selling pesticides only as an integral part of its pesticide application service does not need to register as a pesticide dealer.

Pesticide dealer registrations expire June 30 each year. Renewal applications must be accompanied by the annual report (see below) of restricted use pesticide (RUP) product sales. Note: If no RUP products were sold, an annual report is still due but indicate on the form that no RUP pesticides were sold.

The registration fee is two-tiered based on pesticide product sales during the previous year:

  • $25 for a new application and for annual sales less than $2,500
  • $100 for annual sales of $2,500 or more

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