Existing Pesticide Commercial Applicator Enrollment

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A KDA Account is required in order to complete the Existing Pesticide Commercial Applicator enrollment. A KDA Account is free and available to ANYONE, this will allow you to access additional features on KDA Portal.

Once you have logged in with an existing or newly created KDA Account, you will be returned to this page where you can complete the enrollment process. To complete the process you will need the following: Certification Number, Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)

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Existing Pesticide Commercial Applicator

After you sign in / sign up, you will then enter your certification number and date of birth. Upon submission, the existing pesticide commercial application certification will then be associated to your current KDA Account.

A KDA Account can only have ONE pesticide commercial application certification associated to it and as pesticide commercial application certification can only be associated to ONE KDA Account.

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